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Christianity: A History

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Christianity: A History by History Videos
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Christianity: A History

by Timeless Media Group
 Available from Walmart
 on 9-24-2017
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\"Christianity: A History inch explores the history and global impact of one of the world's largest religions. Over the course of the series, eight high-profile personalities look at the origins and history of the Christian faith and explore Christianity's role in shaping the modern world. Some are Christian believers and some are not, but each has a deeply personal reason for taking part in this major series from British television. Filmed on location around the world, each thought-provoking film investigates a key moment in Christianity's history, from its birth in Palestine through its conquest of the Roman Empire and its conversion of Britain; from the bloody legacy of the Crusades to the intolerance and division of the Reformation; from its global expansion at the barrel of a colonial gun to the devastating impact of science; and finally through to its future prospects in the world of the 21st Century. Includes: \"Jesus the Jew\", \"Rome\", \"Dark Ages\", \"Crusades\", \"Reformation\", \"Dark Continents\", \"God and the Scientists inch and \"Future of Christianity\".

Christianity: A History
Available from Walmart
Price: $12.97
Updated on 9-24-2017.
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