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A Short History Of Decay (Widescreen)

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A Short History Of Decay (Widescreen) by History Videos
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A Short History Of Decay (Widescreen)

by First Look
 Available from Walmart
 on 8-29-2017
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Short History Of Decay [dvd] [ws] (First Look)

Nathan Fisher is a particular breed of Brooklyn writer, full of aimless ambition. Novel? Screenplay? Poem? He can't decide. He's brought down to earth by the desertion of his long-time girlfriend - a paralegal/novelist who feels herself to be on the verge of a big success, and sees him as a liability. On the same day she breaks up with him, he receives the news that his father, in Florida, has suffered a stroke. Nathan - with nowhere else to go - heads to the condo development where his parents (father, stroke, mother, in the early stages of Alzheimer's) are living a contentious co-existence. His dad is angry, his mom is dotty, Nathan is lost. His older brother Jack - a conservative lobbyist and the \"stable inch one - is also in the throes of his own marital mess. In this darkly comedic story, Nathan learns to see beyond the dysfunction, and realizes that for all their discord, his parents have something real between them - something he'd be lucky to have himself.

A Short History Of Decay (Widescreen)
Available from Walmart
Price: $7.25
Updated on 8-29-2017.
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