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Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen)

Buy Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen) here, one of many Superman Videos and related products at Distinct Video. We greatly appreciate your patronage at Distinct Video and look forward to offering you great products and prices on the videos and DVDs you want most.

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Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen) by Superman Videos
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Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen)

 Available from Walmart
 on 8-29-2017
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 Buy Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen) now!

DVD, Rating: PG, Runtime: 125, Color, Closed Captioned, Warner Home Video, 11/28/2006

In a major departure from the tone of the preceding two Superman adventure films, this mix of vile deeds and fantasy heroics drops the \"S inch out of cosmic and goes for comic instead. Right at the starting gate, Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) and a subsequent slapstick sequence upstage (Christopher Reeves again), who later develops an identity crisis. Gorman, newly trained as a computer whiz, starts working for a conglomerate run by the corporate nemesis Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn), intent on world domination. Gorman is sent to Superman's small town of Smallville to wipe out Columbia's coffee crop by fiddling with the computer side of a weather satellite. Clark Kent is in town for his class reunion, leading Superman to clash with Gorman, which in turn, leads Gorman to develop a hybrid red Kryptonite. Unwittingly, since Gorman's wits are always in doubt, the Red Kryptonite causes Superman to split into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde schizophrenia -- but in two separate bodies. As the evil Superman swaggers around town, megalomaniac Ross Webster has other tricks in mind -- and in one of the more memorable action scenes (interspersed with a video game sequence), Superman is chased through the Grand Canyon by a fast-flying, very determined missile. Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole) is on hand for romantic interest (Margot Kidder only appears briefly -- she was growing tired of Lois Lane). (Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide). Commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Pierre Spengler, Vintage TV special The Making of Superman III, Additional scenes, Theatrical trailer, Languages: English and French, Subtitles: English, French and Spanish.

Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen)
Available from Walmart
Price: $5.49
Updated on 8-29-2017.
Get Info on Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen)
Buy Superman III (Deluxe Edition) (Widescreen) now!


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